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This site ( was created and maintained by the late Richard Haddrell during his tenure as SCCU Bulletin Editor (1978-2011) and SCCU Webmaster (1998-2016). Richard also served as SCCU Minute Secretary (1978-1983, 1997-2016) and ECF Grading Officer ( -2016). A truly loyal and dedicated servant of the SCCU and ECF.

Members of the SCCU Executive are continuing to update this site, but being privately owned it will likely close when the paid subscription lapses. The entire site, however, has been copied to the archive of the SCCU County Championship website and can be viewed at All embedded hyperlinks should continue to work and allow navigation between archive pages. It is intended that the new website will expand to cover all aspects of the SCCU's activities and that a new index will provide improved access to the archived material.

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